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About I Ching Hero

I Ching Hero provides a service based on Chinese I Ching or the Yi Jing Oracle.

By using this unique and ancient method, we could uncover all kinds of messages hidden behind numbers and words.

This means that you can check the hidden meaning behind your name, company brand, website, phone number, bank account number, and more.

Given the number of names and numbers that you could be using, the ones that you use most often and is very well known to the public is considered to have the greatest importance as they are the most influential.

For example, your company’s customer service is publicly known. Therefore, it has a greater influence on your business. On the other hand, a passport number which you don’t know by heart and you rarely use will have a lesser influence on your life.

When it comes to companies, the registered name in the papers are less valuable than the brand that identify your business to customers, although, we have to say, both are very important.

One example would be Apple Inc. vs Apple. Apple Inc. is the company’s official registered name. It is used often in business conversations and transactions, so the importance of the name should not be underestimated.
On the other hand, most customers don’t know what the company’s official name is, they just know about Apple as a brand, therefore this name is very crucial for their business.