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i ching coinsAbout I Ching

I Ching, a historical text in divination known to be the most ancient among the Chinese classics, is referred to as the Book of Changes or Classic of Changes in English. This influential text contains commentaries and interpretations that spanned a history of more than 2,500 years and it has inspired diverse sectors such as art, business, literature, psychoanalysis and religion. During the Western Zhou period (1000–750 BC), I Ching was initially used as a manual in divination but it became a cosmological text that came with commentaries with philosophical leanings referred to as “Ten Wings.” during the Imperial period (500–200 BC) and the Warring States period.
In 2nd Century BC, I Ching became part of what is known as the Five Classics and it became the focus of scholarly commentaries. For centuries, it was deemed as a foundation of the practice of divination across the countries in the Far East. Ultimately, it took a prominent role in shaping how the West comprehends Eastern thought.